Cir Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The following salaries and benefits are stipulated in the collective agreement negotiated between the Interns and Residents Committee/SEIU and the Cambridge Health Alliance. The negotiations on the negotiation process are very different from the hospital meetings you have attended before. Collective bargaining is a process of taking and compromise is the name of the game. At the end of the day, we have to find a settlement that is acceptable to both parties, both to the union and to the hospital administration. CHA guarantees payment of: (i) rent under the lease; and (ii) the cost of repairing damage to the premises by the tenant up to USD 6,500 or two months` rent, depending on the terms and conditions. House officers will receive a refrigerator with the dishes of their choice in the daycare room of Cambridge`s CHA Hospital for dinner and breakfast on demand. All CHA interns, residents and fellows are represented by the Interns and Residents Committee (CIR) and are subject to the union contract and bargaining benefits described above. MEMBERS of the IRB pay 1.5% of their gross salary. These taxes are determined each year by full membership and can therefore increase or decrease.

Public servants who choose not to be members are required, under national law, to contribute to an “agency commission” (also deducted weekly) calculated on the basis of the costs of negotiating and executing their contract. These taxes are tax deductible. For medicine, $250/week, $350/weekend, $450 on weekends/night holidays. For family medicine: $100/call to cover the home call at CHA Everett Hospital. If necessary, drug prices are valid. For La Podiatry, $50 per hour when they serve as the first block assist for non-foot/ankle operations. Short- and long-term disability insurance paid for entirely by the employer. CHA provides $45,000 per year to CIR for the CIR Patient Care Fund. This fund, managed by a committee of house officers, provides grants for positions and services that improve patient care but are not funded in the standard budget for hospitals.

CHA pays the annual fee for house officers to use, a backup child`s care home. Domestic workers only pay the hourly rate. For more information, see This grant can be used to cover the cost of conferences, manuals, periodicals, consulting fees, necessary computer equipment or other items approved by the relevant program director. Unused portions of the scholarship may be awarded to subsequent years of training. All ERB members are entitled to a reduced boston Sports Clubs membership. Members benefit from a 40% reduction in monthly fees and membership fees. Other benefits only for members are: Brooks Brothers, DRB Student Loan, Kaplan Medical, ID Theft Solutions, InsMed, Medelita, Post-Residency Contract Review and Wolters Kluwer.