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There are two “agreements” in Dynamics AX 2012 that, at first glance, are quite similar: the sales contract and the trade agreement. I`m going to do a shot to explain the difference between them in the most concise way possible. Check the details of the trade agreement on the prices you have just created. Read more: It is used to find the valid trade agreement for the combination (order) that requires the price or discount. If the search engine finds the trade agreement for the combination and the “Next Search” option is chosen for this trade agreement, the search for a combination of specific agreements will continue. The search is completed when all combinations are searched or if a valid commercial contract is found, for which the nearest search option is removed. If several trade agreements are found, appropriate action will be taken, depending on whether the price is charged or the rebates are granted. In the list, select the product you want to include in the agreement. Write down the product you`ve chosen.

7. Several lines can be entered in a single Trade Agreement entry. The relational field allows the user to indicate what type of trade agreement is being drawn up. A single book-leaf can contain several types of agreements, including purchase and sale agreements. The account and article code defines the debit or credit and article relationship. Another way to find out is simply to create a new data set in the purchase contract and leave it empty in dimensions. So I hope you will get a result and it`s also a good indication that the configuration is not valid for the use of dimensions in trade. 9.

Once trade agreements are concluded, they are displayed under the group form under the Trade Agreements button. Trade agreements are used to set discounts and prices. In this example, we saw the use of a book sheet to set a price for a group of creditors. Check out the next blog in the series to learn more about setting up discounts for a group of lenders. Sales contracts terminate trade agreements. They are an obligation for a specific organization to buy a certain amount. While it is possible to apply a trade agreement to a single customer, trade agreements are not an obligation. You want to implement a purchase contract, for example. B after a price negotiation. Click Lines – > protocol line form is open to add lines of trade agreements containing the necessary information. In Dynamics AX, a trade agreement can be considered “if it is the” mechanism for implementing the rebates.

In essence, you can create a price rule and apply it to a product, product group, debtor or group of debtors. You can apply all kinds of restrictions and exceptions to these rules, for example. B dates.B. In the case of trade agreements in Dynamics AX. B you can make the following scenarios: – PriceDiscTable (the entry is entered in this table when the trade agreement is displayed. It has the same data that is visible in the “trade agreements” form for the article, the debtor and the lender) Before the creation of trade agreements, all necessary adjustments are made in accordance with the indications of my last contribution: trade agreements (price/discounts) in AX – Configuration. Few of these configurations are: For example: If you mention Qty as 10 and price as 500 in trade agreements > purchase price. 23. But I can`t get the price, I`m trying to create another sales contract, it still can`t have a price.