Pledge And Security Agreement Form

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By its execution below, the undersigned assures and guarantees for himself that all the insurance and guarantees contained in the agreement are all the conditions and guarantees as of the date of this Agreement. The New Grantor ensures and guarantees that the supplements to the agreement shows attached here are all true and correct and that these supplements contain all the information that must be planned under the agreement regarding the new fellow. The new Grantor takes all necessary and necessary measures as part of the agreement to enhance the agent`s security interest of first priority and a right of bet against the guarantees of the new donor. 4.12. Intellectual property. No Grantor has a registered interest in a registered document or entry title, except as indicated in Appendix “B.” If, after the date of this document, a grantor obtains, solicits or applies for rights to a new copyright of registered material, that grantor informs the administrator as part of any certificate of compliance made available to the administrative officer in accordance with the credit agreement. Each Grantor undertakes, at the request of the administrative officer, to carry out any supplement to the security agreement or other document reasonably requested by the administrative officer and to provide it to the administrative officer in order to demonstrate such an interest in the security of these registered documents, in an appropriate form for registration with the United States Copyright States Office. The foreclosure and security agreement (in the confirmed, completed or amended agreement of August 16, 2012, which were referred by each a123 SYSTEMS, INC., a Delaware company (the “borrowers”) and the borrower`s other subsidiaries listed on the signing pages (with the borrower, the “Initial Grantors” and all other subsidiaries, including the undersigned , the parties, by performing a supplement essentially in the form of them, the “Grantors”), for the benefit of the agent. The basic terms that are used here and are not defined here have the meaning given to them in the agreement. “associated contracts,” all of the rights and remedies of donors, as well as all funds and claims owing to the Grand Porte under The Appendix J contracts, as well as any other material contracts, as well as any modification, complement, extension and extension of the Latter, including all Grantors rights and rights that now or later exist. (a) in the context of insurance, benefits, guarantees and guarantees that are planned or in the process of being implemented for any of the previous agreements; (b) for damage caused by or due to violation or delay in the context or related to any of the 4.4. Delivery of Chatl instruments, titles, paper and documents.

This Grantor will immediately provide the Agent, after the implementation of this security agreement, with the originals of all Chatl Documents, titles (if certified) and instruments belonging to him (if they are present), in any event with an individual value greater than USD 25,000; b) trust the agent upon receipt and deliver immediately after such a document to the agent. (c) forward to the officer, at the officer`s request, an amendment to this security agreement duly executed in the form of Appendix I (the “amendment”), and then forward to the officer a modification of this duly executed security agreement (the “amendment”), under which this Grantor will provide such additional guarantees.