Merchandise Agreement Deutsch

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1. The buyer`s warranty fees require that the purchaser have properly met its verification and reporting obligations in accordance with paragraphs 377, 381 HGB. The customer must completely check the goods, regardless of whether the delivery represents only a transit operation for the buyer. It is presumed that the purchaser accepted the goods if he did not refuse to accept it within a reasonable time. This period is 10 days from the time the goods are received. TTI does not waive its right of objection because of delay. Delayed delivery requests are excluded, unless they are invoked prior to receipt of the goods. The acceptance of the goods constitutes a waiver of all claims due to delivery delays. Returns are only accepted if a “return authorization” is first requested by the TTI. The goods must be returned to the original packaging and must comply with the instructions of the Agency that issued the aforementioned “RMA”.

Returns in electrostatic packaging are only accepted if this packaging has not been opened. 2. The performance of the contract by TTI depends exclusively on the customer`s agreement on the terms of sale of TTI, unless TTI expressly accepts in writing various agreements in advance. In the absence of such an agreement, notification and/or delivery only begins with the buyer`s complacency; this does not find any act of acceptance of any of the buyer`s provisions and conditions and cannot be construed as such. TTI is required to provide the goods only after clarifying all technical issues. To the extent that the goods must be manufactured to the customer`s specifications, TTI is not required to manufacture and deliver the goods until the buyer has given the final go-ahead for production. This does not apply to the manufacture and delivery of goods to the manufacturer`s specifications. This assumes that the buyer correctly fulfills all agreed and other obligations in a timely manner.

At the buyer`s express request when ordering, TTI provides transportation insurance for shipping the goods. The costs incurred are paid by the buyer. 3. All agreements between TTI and the buyer must be recorded in writing. This also applies to the revocation of the trainer. 4. TTI is not required to deliver or procure goods outside the warranty area. In particular, TTI is not required to provide spare parts. 1. This agreement and the benefits to be provided by the parties are governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany and are interpreted accordingly.

The parties expressly exclude the applicability of the United Nations Law on the International Sale of Goods and the Hague Convention on International Contracts for the Sale of Furniture/Single Goods Sales Act. All of the provisions, conditions and agreements set out in it apply to and engage all of the buyer`s rightful rights holders. 7. The buyer`s compensation for a buyer`s right to pay is limited to the purchase price paid for the goods, regardless of the type of right to payment resulting from either the guarantee or the contract.