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All ODS and login agreements are available at crm.digital.nhs.uk/hscnconnectionagreementsearch/. Once you are in compliance with the terms of the HSCN connection agreement, either by signing your own agreement or by signing the terms of UkCloud, we will connect you to our aggregate HSCN connection. NHS Digital says they expect comparable HSCN connectivity to be significantly cheaper over time. In the global commercial broadband market, the price of comparable connections has fallen over time. The UN report “The State of Broadband 2014” noted that in 20 years, the national broadband market has been presented 100 times faster at the same price. Pharmacy teams can use free online speed testing tools to assess the performance of their connection and evaluate offers when selecting between the pharmacy system and connectivity offerings. Pharmacy access to HSCN does not diminish the importance of continuing to ensure that pharmacies have sufficient protection against cybersecurity, any more than the previous N3; For more information, visit PSNC Briefing 053/17 Data Protection and Cybersecurity. You must adhere to the terms of the HSCN connection agreement before you have access to HSCN: digital.nhs.uk/services/health-and-social-care-network/new-to-hscn/connecting-to-hscn We are a cloud service provider connected to HSCN and we can provide you with an HSCN connection to environments in our cloud, but there is no longer an aggregation program for HSCN. HSCN`s liaison agreement is organization-oriented: each organization must only sign a liaison agreement, regardless of the number of HSCN sites or connections they own or use. They can be assigned up to 5 IP addresses per connection. If you need more than 5 IPs per connection, you need to request additional NHS Digital IPs and we can promote them on your behalf.

You can use the ODS portal to search for existing ODS codes (a transition network connection or HSCN is required) or sign up for an ODS code if you don`t have one yet. NHS Digital sets certain minimum standards in the HSCN supplier`s commitment document. For example, HscN providers offer services that offer at least 99.95% availability. An HSCN service offering a table can, when published, provide the “menu” of the speed options used. These standards only apply to people who receive HSCN connectivity directly, for example. B an aggregator using an HSCN provider, should receive the promised level of service. The NHS Digital sales team continues to review the implementation of a contractual framework with pharmacy systems providers, which would involve requirements for connection resistance. Psnc Briefing provides pharmacy professionals with information about the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), which replaces N3, as well as tips on how best to connect to IT and use it: Click on the following briefing: No.

We cannot arrange HSCN links with third-party offices. We only allow our customers and partners to provide services via HSCN with applications and solutions hosted on the UKCloud Cloud platform. Q. Are there options to improve my connection speed? One possibility is for contractors to install an additional “normal” broadband line for Internet use, which does not involve the transmission of sensitive patient data. N3 and HSCN connections have always been designed for sensitive traffic and not for all Internet use. In 2004, BT was awarded the single contract for the supply and maintenance of a “network health network” known as “N3.”