Dude Solutions Online Subscription Agreement

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Dude Solutions offers on-site services for the Work-Asset platform for companies that want to implement on-site. Unlike other CMMS solutions, which can take up to six months to implement, Work -Asset can be implemented in four weeks depending on customer needs. On-site services consist of three price plans that are similar as follows: 6.1 Duration. This contract begins from the date the subscriber builds their account and continues until the service subscription expires or the termination (the “duration”). The initial duration of the service subscription must be shown on the order form (the “start date”). Subsequently, the service subscription is automatically extended by one year (an “extension period” each time), unless a party intends to renew the service subscription at least thirty (30) days before the expiry of the current start or extension period for the service subscription. In addition, Work -Asset Management solutions include document management, reporting and mobile functions. 6.3 Resignation for convenience. Subscribers may terminate this contract (including their subscription and service account) at any time for convenience in notice@dudesolutions.com DSI forty-five (45) days after prior written notification to the next email address. In the event of termination by the subscriber in accordance with Section 7.3, the subscriber may request a refund in writing according to the following measures: (i) if DSI receives the subscriber`s written termination within the first sixty (60) days following the start of the initial period, DSI refunds the subscriber 80 percent (80%) Annual tax paid in advance for the initial period (the “first year subscription tax”); (ii) If DSI receives the subscriber`s written termination for the initial period, but after the first 60 days of the subscriber, DSI refunds to the subscriber all subscription fees for the first year subscription paid in advance, calculated on the basis of the number of full months remaining in the initial period (based on the effective date of the subscription). In order to avoid any doubt, no refund is granted during an extension period or in relation to the professional services provided.

9.12 Full agreement. This agreement is the entirety of the agreement between the Subscriber and DSI regarding the use of the Service by the Subscriber and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, written or orally, with regard to its purpose.