Dhs Computer Matching Agreements

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The 2019 report – released On August 14 – describes agreements with five federal agencies and five states for a total of 11 data comparison programs. The agreements apply primarily with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to prevent the reproduction of emergency benefits and with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify the immigration status of people claiming social benefits. The letter from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-108, Section 14, requires agencies to submit an annual matching activity report to the OMB. The ministry reports annually to the OMB on its matching activities. The department`s matching activity report for 2019 is shown below: For any computer-assisted comparison of two or more automated records or a non-federal registration system, a computer matching program, pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974, is required to produce or verify payments in cash or in kind or as part of federal service programs. HHS implements intercomputer programs with other federal authorities and with public authorities. Below is a complete list of correspondence programs currently in effect, with links to the correspondence agreement and a public notice describing each program. For more information on computer comparison, see OMB Circular A-108 (Dec 2016), HHS Data Integrity Board (DIB) Guidelines for Computer Matching Agreements (aug. 2016) and HHS DIB Annual reports. The DHS Data Integrity Board – responsible for monitoring and approving agreements – has not received any reports of violations of association agreements in 2019 and “has not been involved in CMA litigation in 2019,” the report says. The board also rejected “no matching schedule proposed during the calendar year.” The current 18-month CMA expires in December.

A one-year contract is expected to extend the comparison of data until December 2021. In accordance with the amended 1974 Privacy Act, DHS/USCIS issues a public notice entitled “Verification Division DHS-USCIS/CA-DSS” of the computer intermediation program reintroduced between DHS, USCIS and the California Department of Social Services (CA-DSS). The department requires that THE CMAs be developed and approved for each matching program within the meaning of the statute.