Connecticut Severance Agreement Requirements

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If you have been offered a redundancy agreement, it is in your best interest for the agreement to be verified by an experienced employment lawyer. Employers expect you to have the agreement verified, and often they will include a provision in the agreement that requires or recommends an audit by the lawyer. So they were released. Your former employer has given you a package of documents on your severance package and you have a lot of questions. Should you sign your compensation contract? Should you take the time to see him? What does that mean? Ooh! Breathe. We know this is an extremely overwhelming time for you and your family, and we are here to help. Here`s what you need to know about your severance pay: 10. Separation agreements: Some employers offer severance pay for a few weeks in exchange for the release of rights. Be very careful. In these documents, you must sign non-competitive clauses if you have not signed clauses before.

They may also have other unfair conditions and restrictions. As a general rule, they declare that you have 21 days to consider them and revoke 7 days. If so, don`t let your employer convince you to sign before you see a lawyer. Often, you can negotiate an extra time if you need it. You should always meet with an experienced work lawyer before signing such a document. 2. Severance pay: If your company has a pay payment plan, you may be entitled to severance pay. You should receive a copy, check it and understand it.

If there is no such plan, you can always negotiate severance pay or severance pay. In general, companies pay these if they have reason to believe that you could sue them and win. Of course, you must sign a general version in exchange for this salary. Always talk to an experienced work lawyer before signing. Severance pay is not always monetized. Instead of giving you a check, some companies may extend your health benefits for a certain period of time or offer coaching and career outplacement counsellors to help you move into a new position. If you`re not sure how your severance pay will be paid or if you don`t feel it matches the value you brought to your business, talk to one of our severance lawyers in Connecticut today. If your proposed severance agreement contains a non-compete clause, you should be very careful.