Ankara Agreement Uk Business Plan

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If you are a Turkish citizen and want to start a business in the UK, you can opt for a business visa (called a “Turkish business person” visa) under relatively relaxed conditions. The visa can also be used if you are considering participating in an existing business in the UK (unlike setting up a basic business). The Turkish entrepreneur visa is issued for an initial period of 12 months and can be renewed for the next three years. If you are a Turkish businessman who is considering moving to the UK to start a business, it is likely that you are looking at the Turkish visa. This visa allows you to create, develop and manage a business in the UK. Not only do you meet the many eligibility requirements, but you must also submit a business plan to your Turkish businessman as part of your visa. Our team of experienced economists, market researchers and financial analysts specializing in preparing immigration plans in the UK is readily available to provide you with the necessary support and work with you to develop a compelling business plan. While the content of each business plan may vary from case to case, the fundamental objective is to achieve: ECAA 4.1 In order to meet the requirements of the person in charge of the ECAA, the applicant must meet all the following requirements: (ii) the accounts of the existing entity for the 12 months preceding the filing date of the application; and the application procedure for the Ankara Agreement is a very well defined by the British Home Offce and can be done by anyone with a good level of English. However, when considering the reasons for refusal, it is established that the business plan and all complementary documents must be developed with great consistency, precision and attention to detail. It is very important that the application highlights your potential as an entrepreneur, as well as your experience and skill.

Interlife UK is working in coordination with legal, financial and business advisory teams to showcase your full potential in the Ankara Agreement Corporate Visa application. A first Turkish business visa is usually valid for 12 months. Under this first grant, the extension of the visa requirement for Turkish entrepreneurs is generally granted for a further three years, as long as the transaction is ongoing and continues to operate in the Uk. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence that the business is still ongoing and that your profits are sufficient to support you yourself, you can instead take a 12-month leave of absence. Other three-year scholarships may follow. Turkish business owners must continue to work in their business. The advice of an immigration lawyer ensures that your first and extension applications meet the strict requirements of immigration rules.