Construction Contractor Subcontractor Agreement

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Instead, they sign a contract with the general contractor or a subcontractor on the project. This type of agreement can be between the general contractor and a first-stage subcontractor or between a subcontractor and a subcontractor. It is important that each subcontractor receives their construction contracts in writing. Your written consent is essential. It explains how to deal with potential problems or disputes that may arise throughout the project. SECTION 9. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBCONTRACTING The Subcontractor may not assign this Contract or any of the payments that are due in this case, and the Subcontractor may not sublet any part of the Plant unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Contractor and the agreement of the Owner. Before a subcontractor can be engaged, a contractor must first enter into a service agreement with a customer. As soon as an agreement has been reached (“master contract”), the contractor knows the schedule, the amount of resources and the scope of work for the entire project. The contractor must consult with the subcontractor on the date, responsibilities and liabilities of its tasks, since they concern the entire project.

In addition to licensing, subcontractors usually need to check their insurance coverage. Generally speaking, most subcontractors should already have insurance. The types of insurance required are generally limited to general commercial liability insurance and workers` compensation insurance. SECTION TWO. REMUNERATION The Contractor undertakes to pay the subcontractor ___ Total cost of work and amount of subsidence when signing the amount due Amount due for the competition Additional costs Description SECTION 4. COMPLETION The subcontractor must, for the most part, complete the work to the satisfaction of the contractor on or before ______