Ceo`s Love Agreement Manga

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The hero and heroine did not have the best time to see each other again. In the past, the heroine was the best friend of the hero`s friend. When the two ladies go out without experts (at the friend`s request) for professional climbing, they find themselves in a dangerous situation. The friend sacrifices herself to save the heroine, but not before telling her to take care of the hero. After the funeral, the heroine goes to see the hero who is not happy to see her. There are a few insults, then a few deep kisses, followed by “You run away” and ends with coitus of sorrow. The next morning, it`s like Greenland during the winter season. In fact, they don`t see each other for eight years, until the heroine goes to the hero`s house to tell him that they have been cheated on by the heroine`s fiancée who ran away for her money and left her in the dust. All this happens just before the party that would announce the engagement of the heroine and who.

I liked that we could see the hero`s thoughts throughout the case, because it becomes tiring to see only one perspective in the book. Then he has a plan to save both: he marries the heroine to access a trust that was left to him, and they use it to cover the losses. The heroine first rejects the idea, then accepts. Then the hero settles into the heroine`s house which is restored, and they spend time together to rebuild, restore and renovate the house. In fact, the hero even gives the heroine the gift of an electric grinder as well as a job to restore an old hotel that he is going to open. I liked to see their fights by clicking on their attraction. Everything is fine, even after the wedding, until the hero and heroine are in a hot moment and the heroine says the name of the ex-fiancée. That single word immediately extinguishes the hero and he leaves; I don`t blame him because no one wants his partner to say the name of a former lover, how important it is, how mean or kind he was in intimate moments. The hero avoids her for a week, until the heroine calls her saying that the ex-fiancé is dead and her money is still in her hands, now in her hands.

Both want to continue their marriage and show each other their true feelings, but are not able to do so. The hero takes the first step by burning the marriage contract and asking as a heroine why, he answers, because he does not want to make the woman he loves suffer. We have an open heart-to-heart discussion between the heroine and the hero about her true feelings for each other, and we have a happy ending…