Bareboat Yacht Charter Agreement

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In the United States, there is an additional legal distinction with respect to Bareboat versus For Hire or “Skippered” Charter. If people group their finances on Bareboat, so that the qualified captain can ski for the group, while the captain is not supposed to be a paid skipper, he now assumes the legal responsibilities of one. This can have significant consequences in the event of negative incidents at sea. a bareboat charter or charter is an agreement to charter or lease a ship or vessel that does not include a crew or provisions under the agreement; Instead, the people who rent the ship to the owner are responsible for taking care of these kinds of things. Bareboat Sailing Charters, LLC 6 Maplewood Road Old Saybrook, CT 06475 Tel:(860) 388-6463 E-mail: 5.5 The charterer may not make a sub-charterer or associate in the control of the vessel without the prior written consent of the owner. 1.1 The owner leases Bareboat-Charter and the charterer rents the vessel for the charter period for charter costs. 7.3 If the charterer does not comply with any provision of the agreement, the owner may immediately terminate the contract and repossess the ship, without prejudice to the right of the owner to claim damages in the event of a breach of the agreement by the charterer. 5.10 The charterer shall limit the number of persons in his party to a number of berths on the ship, except by prior appointment with the owner, this agreement being conditional on the party to the charterer does not exceed the number of berths authorized by the competent authority on the ship. `payment of fuel and accidental damage` means the non-refundable payment in the event of accidental damage or loss to the ship and ancillary equipment, as well as loss or damage to a third party yacht involved in an accident involving the ship.

Includes fuel up to a declared value< 1.2 The advance is paid in the form of a bond to secure the vessel for the charter period and must be paid to the owner upon signature of this Agreement. Against payment of the advance by the charterer, the owner undertakes not to conclude any further agreements on the chartering of the vessel for the same period. . . .