Cupe Collective Agreement Dalhousie University

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12.20- A member of the graduate technology professor of higher education is automatically promoted to Professor of Technology II at the beginning of the academic year in which the diploma is obtained. The formal application is made through the association as the sole bargaining agent to the Board of Directors. The House reserves the right to reject any motion. If the member and the board of directors agree to the separation, the member receives severance pay within the limit of an ordinary annual salary, plus an additional monthly salary for each year of employment beyond 10 months, up to a maximum of 12 additional months. Therefore, the maximum allowance would not exceed the 24-month salary. This amount can be reduced in light of the board`s interest in dismissal and employment prospects, as agreed by the member and the board of directors. Individuals are free to withdraw or transfer cumulative pension benefits, subject to the confinement of national law and any applicable income tax legislation. The rate of pay used to calculate reasonable severance pay would be the applicant`s regular rate of pay at the time of the agreement. The member may also benefit from early retirement, subject to the provisions of the Dalhousie University Pension Plan. The budget update indicated that the University would use $12.2 million of available reserve funds to reduce the operating deficit to $18.3 million. “The tax update reflects the unprecedented level of uncertainty associated with the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on the university, particularly with respect to student enrolment and education revenues,” Bryson wrote. 15.34 – Where this Article 15 provides for a time limit for reviewing a member`s mandate, the Board of Directors and members involved in the proceedings or participants in the proceedings take appropriate steps to ensure that the deadline can be met.

However, if there are appropriate reasons, the decision period and the possibility of extending the appointment of the member may be determined by the association committee, in agreement with the parties. However, the person who needs the renewal must, in due course, communicate to the procedural member the appropriate reasons and communications regarding the renewal application to the Board of Directors and the CBA. 3.01- The parties recognize and reaffirm that academic freedom is essential to the achievement of Dalhousie University`s goal in the search for knowledge and the transmission of knowledge to students, colleagues and society at large.