Advertising Agency Agreement Pdf

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All campaigns, images and other materials created as part of this advertising service agreement are the customer`s intellectual property. a. Where possible, the Agency charges the accused all media charges prior to the Agency`s payment date, in order to allow a down payment from the inserter to allow him to benefit from the benefits of an available down payment or a similar discount. For all media purchases or services for which the Agency is not entitled to a commission, the Agency ensures that the fees charged to the appellant are exempt from all agency commissions and discounts. Q. Order advertising space, time or other means used to advertise by the advertiser and do everything in your power to ensure the most efficient and advantageous rates available. This contract terminates and replaces all previous agreements or agreements in this area. This agreement can only be changed by another handwriting duly executed by both parties. B.

The company undertakes to compensate the Agency for claims, losses, liability, damages or judgments against the Agency, including reasonable legal and legal fees, resulting from the use of equipment provided by the agency or material provided by the agency or on the instruction of the agency that is subject to compensation in point A. , is substantially modified by the publisher. Information or data obtained by the agency in support of information contained in the advertisement is considered “material provided by the advertiser to the Agency.” (ii) The Commission of the Outdoor Advertising Agency will be the standard rate allowed for advertising agencies if this rate is added to E. Provides other services that the advertiser may request from time to time. B such as advertising preparation, letters of speech, public relations and public relations, as well as market research and analysis. The rights, obligations and obligations of the parties remain fully in effect during or after the notice period until termination, including the ordering and counting of advertisements in the media whose closing dates are followed. This is the only agreement between the client and the agency. All additional services require a written endorsement to this agreement, which will be signed by both parties. B. At the end of the advertiser, the advertiser agrees that any advertising, merchandising, parcel, plan or idea, established by the Agency and presented to the advertiser (whether done separately or in conjunction with or as part of other documents) that the advertiser does not wish to use remains the property of the Agency, unless the advertiser has paid the Agency for its services during the preparation of this article.