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The writing on Wattpad is very smooth on the highway, but the thesis yaampyun nyambungin is written above the same half-crazy ajah😭Happy Reading. Seohyun comes out of the house and looks at Yoona. “I want to eat this good Bimbimbap Yoong… I really want to put food in my oral cavity. And em… Tiffany Hwang, a Korean-American girl, looked at Andrew, the lover with both eyes, with an invisible smile to the eyes she usually shows, stunned Andrew. The second year Andrew moved to Cambridge to continue his studies with a master`s degree and meet Tiffany, who was in the third year of his postgraduate studies, Andrew and the two were in a relationship. Andrew looked at the paper in his hand did not understand what he meant because he was not a healthy person, but his eyes read very carefully at the end of the letter, Positive. I did chapter 25 in two chapters yes… Because it`s written if you want to make a chpter. It wasn`t long when the waitresses were putting their orders, Tiffany was looking at Andrew with a clearly visible crimp, if the man didn`t want her to be pregnant, that`s what he had to do. Abortion is not the best option for a baby in the stomach to be innocent. Joohyuk looked out the bedroom window. Smiling with relief when she found a beautiful smile on her sister`s face, there was no such smile for the last few days she met and now thank God when…

“Tiffany, you don`t usually catch up with me. Let`s go to lunch. Take it, which then moves away from the campus area. “Hyunjoo-ah… eommani comes “called the soft queen of Seo when she, seohyun and yoona entered the residence of Sooyoung and her husband. ” All is well orabeoni, please take care of my husband for a while. Joohyuk pauses in seohyun head gently. He knows that the actions and decency of his way of speaking are not likely to be spoken to the queen in this country. But for now, Joohyuk lacks too much of her little sister, and like her seohyun, she doesn`t want Joohyuk to be formally for her. The girl, the black mower on her back, quickly heads to the class she aspires to, just as her eye bead captures the figure of an Asian man with a tall, entwining body. “Arrggghhh” that the little moan comes from behind joohyuk, tense joohyuk. Is that possible….? “I`m !!! Yoona, as she immediately held seohyun`s hand to leave immediately, seohyun laughed at Yoona`s behaviour, which was always like that when it came to the word “eat.” But take it, once I publish the 25 A, I will also publish the 25 B aka the last chapter. “What`s wrong with you being nervous?”” Andew looked at his girlfriend with a smile and tried to put him at ease.