Contoh Agreement Reality

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10 TYPES OF SIGNS – anything that makes sense (in a certain cultural sense). Each sign must have an abstract concept. It is impossible to say the concept without support or material. 2. Brand type (Peirce): symbol, index, symbol – “imperfect imitation,” example: photo, wax statue of Madamme Tussaud. Index – the relationship between the sign and what it signovs / The cause-and-effect relationship – also refers to something example: smoke – fire; Footprints 9 SEMIOTIC THEORY Saussure vs Peirce Structure Changes Action SystemLangue Word Synthic (Rules) Synchronous Synchronous Synchronous Pragmatic Saussure: The rules for combining characters in the dictionary – Grammar – system, do not change. Peirce: How to use the system – our daily actions in the use of the system. 3 RESEARCH METHOD The qualitative and quantitative method of research is a means of obtaining qualitative and quantitative data. In quantitative or qualitative terms, it is therefore not the method, but the data. 7 CONTENT ANALYSIS v. Content analysis, research not on people, but on text (symbols, images, films, newspapers, etc.). For example, we calculate how often a contribution on a particular subject is displayed and calculated using statistical tools.

14 VISUAL RHETORIC is a manipulative art – the visual persuasion technique that is transactional using an emblem. 8 SEMIOTICS Visual Semiotics , Written SemioticsOral, Visual, Tacticle, Written Objective (indirectly, an object can describe a certain social status). 2 SOURCES of experienced reality KNOWLEDGE (ER) is the source of the knowledge we obtain by experimenting with them ourselves. (Experience) Agreement Reality (AR) is a source of knowledge based on agreements between us personally and others. (Tradition, Coutume) 11 properties of SIGN 3. Mark Properties: 2 Dimensions, 3 Dimensions Image/ and – what`s in our brain; The abstract form. Abstract objects in our heads Image – Text 12 RELATION MARKS AND CODE 4. The relationship between TandaMetafora: borrow 1 drawing system to explain the other drawing system (A B) – objects in nature – Metonim Stonehead: a sign representing a larger crown to describe the “king”, lips  sensuality. 5. Code – Rules A way of combining characters to create a socially sensible character composition. 6 EXPERIMENTAL B.

Experimental research, conditions manipulated by researchers as needed.